Stocking your boat for the 4th of July weekend

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July, Independence Day!  A day when banks, Government Offices, and almost all other businesses are closed and the masses hit the water.

SO -You’re having people over to the boat this year, what do you stock? These are good items to always have on hand:

Sunscreen, someone is going to get burned and you might as well head this one off before it turns into blisters gets too bad!
Life Vests! Need we say more?

Hats and more hats, the sun is bright and reflects nicely off the water.
Napkins, there are never enough napkins when you need them, best be safe and buy extra.
Swim Trunks, please don’t forget those!
Floaties/tubs/noodles, one can get real tired out on the water and need a flotation device to keep them,,, a float!
Burgers,dogs,chicken, for the grill!

Turkey & Veggie Burgers, for the ladies. Not all ladies, just some.
THE GRILL, those cool grills that sit on the the outside of your boat and you can just grill away in the middle of the bay!
Hot dog buns,burger buns, Gluten Free buns, did we just say Gluten Free? Yes! Gluten allergies are becoming more common in our every day life, so it’s best to be prepared!
Snacks, this includes potato chips of every kind, (here is where the napkins come in handy!)
Snacks also include watermelon, veggies and dip, tortilla chips guac and salsa.
Popcycles! Everybody loves fudgies, lemon icies, or something sweet to cool them off.
Camera Phone, don’t forget this item, everyone will want to tweet, face book, and blog their way through the holiday – don’t get caught without prime photos of Henry catching the fish of the day!

That leads us to…FISHING POLES! just don’t get your lines tangled.
Paper plates, plastic wear, and solo cups. Remember to recycle!
Your drink of choice while also having enough drinks for the kiddies.
The best location for watching the fireworks!


Happy Fourth of July from the Bay Boat Buzz Team!

Happy Fourth of July from the Bay Boat Buzz Team!