Safety on the water

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WE all know about boat safety and we all think about boat safety but are we thinking ENOUGH about being safe on our boats?

It is important for parents to teach their young flegling boaters the basics of boat safety and to remind them of what is a safe boat action and what is not.

It is also equally important that as we semi-experianced to experianced boaters head out to into the water each boat season that we refresh our memory of what is a safe boat action and what is not.

Check out these links to refresh your memory, give you more information when your flegling boater starts asking What? and Why?, or to take a boating safety course in and around the state of Maryland.

Find local boating courses near you by searching ‘boating safety’ on the World Wide Web. You can also check your states Natural Resources website, they typically have good information for boaters.

Maryland State Boating Law and Regulations

United States Coast Guard