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Question– I signed up today but do not have all the information to load my boat listing, what do I do?
Answer-We suggest that you have your boat listing information in front of you before you open an account.  BayBoatBuzz and (Powered by BayBoatBuzz) will retain your account as active for 10 days, if a listing is not created within that time, the site will put your account on ‘hold’ and and e-mail will be sent to you to let you know how to reinstate your account.
Question – I signed up and listed my boat but I did not get a confirmation, what now?
Answer– The and (Powered by BayBoatBuzz) website will automatically e-mail you a confirmation of your account AND a BayBoatBuzz Team member will e-mail you within 3 days. If you do not get either of those e-mails, first check your spam folder if it is not there, then put us on your ‘safe’ e-mail list and let us know that you signed up but didn’t get a confirmation. Even when you do not get a confirmation and chose the ‘Bill me later’ option, a bill will still be sent and expected to be paid within 10 days. After those 10 days your account will be put on ‘hold’ and another e-mail will be sent to let you know of how to reinstate your account and listing.
Question – My boat sold, but I keep getting invoices and/or my credit card keeps getting charged, what do I do?
Answer – Excellent, your boat sold! You need to go to your account and ‘unlist’ your boat listing. Otherwise, (Powered by BayBoatBuzz) believes your boat to be listed and will continue to charge you and expect payment for months listed.
Question – My latest invoice is for 24.99/month, the website says 19.99/month, what gives?!
Answer – As of June 1, 2013, the cost for the ‘Bill me later’ option will be 24.99/month, a lot more work goes into invoicing, this extra charge goes towards the administration of those invoices.
Question – How can I pay only 19.99/month?
Answer – Easy! Log into your account and chose to pay by credit card. Credit card charges have not increased.
Question – I want to have a boat listing site powered by BayBoatBuzz, how much will that cost me?
Answer – e-mail us at and we will go over all the options with you. Like our monthly listing price and service, you will not find a lower price or better quality anywhere.


Question – I am a Boat Broker and want to get in on listing multiple boats on this site, how do I do that and what is my cost?
Answer – Boat Brokers can list as many boats as they need for only 99.00/month. Simply e-mail us and let us know you would like this option and we will set this up for you. For an additional cost, we will add the boats for you.
Question – A lot of these answers say, ‘e-mail us,’ what e-mail address do I use?