Those annoying pop up adds! A story of my adventures on the internet.

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I just returned home from the boat for a short winters nap and needed to order a few items before the spring boat season returns. So, I begin searching the web for new dock line. I had left too early in the morning for West Marine to be open. So I dive into the web and bring up my ol friend Google and I type “Dock lines, 60ft” into the search box, click the button and wait for my result. Ah ha, up pops “60ft dock lines, mega braided” , that is exactly what I needed. I click the link and I am surprised to see that I am being sent to a sales page of over 50 types and styles of dockline, none of which are 60ft or mega braid. So I search the site thinking they have to have something I can use for a reasonable price, right? Well, long story short I click and click and click on different sites, different prices, different items and 45 min. later I have a 60 ft , 3/4 inch, Nylon, mega braid dock lines for around $255.00, shipping of course, is extra.

Happy that I successfully completed one of my tasks, I decide to search further for items for my wife (our anniversary is in a couple days). So I type “anniversary gifts”. I search few jewelry stores’ website thinking of some diamond earrings, eh hem, I mean, economical diamond earrings. As I am searching I continually get bombarded by advertisements for dock lines. ARGH!!!!! I stay focused and push on, but pop up after pop up forces me to give my e-mail address, my favorite color and my first born before I can view the items they sell. WHAT? I know I have paid the price for the pop up block and virus security, but why is this still happening?

Later that week I am out for coffee with a few friends and I bring my arduous internet experience and ramble on about how much I hate the constant pop ups. My buds agreed, they hate them too! We all came to the conclusion that we can’t do anything about pop ups, but we can do something about buying products from those who allow pop ups on their site. That should send a clear message right? Thinking this through further, I know that all of you who are browsing boat listings and searching out reliable inexpensive ways to list your boat, and I bet you hate pop ups too. So, from that point on, I don’t care what my advertising department tells me, we will not allow any pop ups on our site, period. Now that is not to say our ad won’t show up on other sites. Be confidant that you will not have them when you come to That way you all can browse, dream, and sell your boat in peace, we will never ask you for your first born…

Till next time, see you on the water!
Capt. Buzzworth